Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Sweet Southern Prep Giveaway

If you haven't checked out the blogs I have listed on the side of my page, you definitely should! Especially Sweet Southern Prep. She's a sweet, Lilly-loving mother of three and she blogs about so many fun, preppy things! She's currently hosting a giveaway with Dani Notes Stationary for a personalized iPhone case. I checked out Dani Notes Stationary and oh my goodness, preppy overload! I found way too many items to fall in love with, and will definitely be making a purchase sometime soon! So head on over to Sweet Southern Prep, enter the giveaway, and feel free to let her know I sent you. If I can't win the giveaway, I'd love it if one of y'all would!

xx, Emily Ann

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring Has Sprung!

It's official- today was the first day of Spring! I've been anxiously awaiting the official transition into Spring so I can pull out all my lovely floral and pastel clothing to go along with the beautiful weather we've been enjoying lately. Luckily, I was given the chance to bust out one of my favorite Spring shifts today- I was called in to sub at the Junior High!

Lilly Pulitzer Lace Worth Shift in Skye Blue Exbloomsion with my bronze and gold Jack Roger Navajo sandals. (I also wore a green J. Crew cardigan, but it was so warm when I left school I immediately took it off!)

I must have done something right today, because they asked me to come back and sub for the rest of the week. I'd like to thank Lilly for helping me look fun and put together- maybe next she'll help me get a full time teaching job!

Hope y'all had a fabulous first day of Spring! I sure enjoyed the 80 degree weather we enjoyed here in Southeast Missouri!

xx, Emily Ann

Sunday, March 18, 2012

St. Patrick's Day the Lilly Way

You've got to love when a holiday that's all about eating and drinking with friends lands on a Saturday! Especially because St. Pat's also fell in line with my weekend off for this month, so I had a St. Pat's Saturday full of fun! Friday and Saturday I spent looking at some houses with my parents and our realtor- I'm on the hunt for a place of my own, and they're helping me find the right place. Friday, after thinking we'd never find one, I fell in love with a cute little house built in the 60's. Since I think I've found "the one" we set up a meeting with the realtor for Saturday so my roomie-to-be could weigh in on the house before we went any further. She and I went over the house top to bottom, talking furniture and fixtures and curtains. Needless to say, we both loved it! Afterwards my parents took us for a late lunch at our favorite Mexican restaurant. Nachos and margaritas was a great way to start off our St. Pat's celebration! After dinner, my parents headed home and Court and I headed downtown to meet up with some friends. It was a gorgeous day, and we spent the evening on the patio at our favorite bar with green beers and our friends. It was a fabulous way to spend the day!

My wardrobe doesn't have very much green- try almost none. I have one green cardigan, which it was to warm to wear, and that's the only item of green clothing I own. So I had to get creative with my green wear. I painted my nails a fun mint green, and wore one of my Lilly dresses with a floral pattern that involved some green leaves. What better excuse to wear Lilly?

Lilly Pulitzer Somerset dress in Just Love with Natural Sullivan belt, Michael Kors watch, and bronze and gold Jack Rogers Navajos. I love this dress, it was so fun and comfortable!

I hope y'all had a great, green St. Patrick's Day!

xx, Emily Ann

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Southern Nest Blog Giveaway

One of my favorite blogs to read is Sweet Southern Prep! Her posts about everyday life with her kids, Thirsty Thursday with yummy drinks, and Fashion Friday where she gives preppy fashion tips make her blog one I check almost every day for new posts. She's currently having a giveaway with a decorative monogram from Southern Nest! Head over to her blog, let her know I sent you, and enter yourself to win one of these adorable monograms for your home!

xx, Emily Ann

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Saturday Night Pipster

One thing that can be said about good ol' Missouri is that she can't ever make up her mind on the weather! It has been beautiful and in the 70's during the day, but in the evening the temperature has been dropping so low that I was able to find an excuse to wear my new Lilly Pulitzer Pipster sweater dress Saturday night! After an incredibly long work weekend, I ended my work day Saturday at 8 pm and headed straight to a girlfriend's place to change and get ready for a night out on the town with a few friends. Since my work schedule has been shifted to evenings, it's become harder and harder for me to find time with my friends. I'm the last one of the group to still have a retail job, while the rest have transitioned to "real" 5 day a week, 9-5 jobs. So, despite the hard work week, I jumped at the chance to dress up and have some fun!

I couldn't have been happier with how cute my Pipster dress turned out to be. I experimented with the look a bit- with a belt and without. I ended up wearing it with a belt, it helped give me more of a shape that way. As cute as I think the dress is, I'm hopeful that it's only going to look that much better as I continue to drop weight! I'm proud to say I'm down 5 pounds since starting my weight loss mission, and I hope to keep dropping and reach my goal weight within the next few months.

I love the confidence that a cute outfit can instill in a girl. I felt cute, and I think that how you feel about yourself influences how the people you meet perceive you. I was more outgoing throughout the evening, and I had a guy ask for my number for the first time in an embarrassingly long time- talk about a confidence boost! Between wearing my Pipster and having a guy ask for my number, it was a pretty successful evening with my friends!

Without the belt

With the belt! Paired the Lilly Pulitzer Azalea Pink Frilly Ferns Pipster with my Natural Sullivan belt, Michael Kors gold watch, dark brown tights, and camel BCBG boots.

I hope y'all had a wonderful weekend!

xx, Emily Ann

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Lunch at Lilly

Just another reason to love Lilly Pulitzer is the wonderful events and gift with purchase specials they run. Today, March 10, is their annual "Lunch at Lilly." Lilly Pulitzer online, and every Via store, is participating in the event. The stores themselves are hosting shopping parties, and the website is offering free shipping on all orders along with the lovely gifts with purchase. Unfortunately for this girl on a budget, I won't be participating in the event. But you better believe it wouldn't be a stretch for me to come up with a shopping bag full of items to reach $1000 so I could get every one of the gifts offered! Since I can't participate in earnest, I'm going to share what I WOULD have bought if I had the money to spend and participate in this festive event!

First thing I would put in my bag would be the Briar skirt in Lavish Lillys Placed. The colorful print and fun feminine shape make it perfect for spring and summer, and an easy item to dress up or down depending on the occasion! The Briar skirt retails at $98.
Next item on my list is the Elsa Ruffled top in Hotty Pink! I love the Elsa, such a versatile and feminine top, and with the added ruffles, lighter weight, and little polka dots it's got to be mine! This shirt retails at $138.

Next thing I'd buy would be the Ricci shift in State of Mind. I've had my eye on this dress since Lilly starting previewing their Spring line! I love the print- a patch for each state- and the style of the dress is to die for! The little details completely make this dress for me. The bow on the shoulder is too cute! This dress retails at $188.
Second on my shopping list is the Peggy dress in Spring Fever Toile. I saw a Lilly Pulitzer Via store belt this with the Sullivan (which I already have) and it was too cute! The seersucker, ruffles, and silhouette on this dress would make it a great spring and summer item for me! Not to mention how fun the Spring Fever Toile is. Lilly is known for putting all sorts of fun themes in their prints, and this one is full of Spring and Summer fun! This dress retails at $198.I have a thing for the A Thing Called Love print! I bought the Somerset in the same print and I just think the colors and patterns in it are lovely! This dress has caught my eye- great shape, pockets, and the back has an adorable keyhole cutout- too cute! This dress retails at $198.This next dress on my list has been a big hit with the ladies in my Lilly-loving community- the shape, details, comfort, and easy to wear dress is on everyone's wishlist! I'm loving the Carolyn Day Lilly- such a lovely print! And with ruffles you can't ever go wrong! I can see this dress transitioning from spring to summer for me, as well as making it's way into the classroom for those early weeks when it's still too warm for fall clothes! I think it's another item that would look great with the Sullivan belt, as well as with Jack Rogers or possibly even cowboy boots! This dress retails at $118.Last on my list is the Buttercup shorts in Pink Seersucker. Leave it to Lilly to take a closet staple and add the perfect feminine touch- scalloped edges! These shorts would be great with any number of tops I already have, great for day wear or paired with a cute top and wedges for a summer evening. I'm spotting scalloped shorts in many Spring catalogs, but I think Lilly did it best- the best price and the cutest look! Not to mention Lilly Pulitzer has been making the Buttercup scalloped short for years now- they were the first! These shorts come in several prints, I'd love them all, and they retail for $74.
Like I said, it wasn't hard for me to "spend" $1000 on Lilly's Spring line! But this girl will just keep them on her wishlist and wait for them to either go on sale, or gradually add these items to my closet as I have money to spend here and there! Were any of y'all lucky enough to participate in Lunch at Lilly? What goodies would you buy?

xx, Emily Ann

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Lilly's Spring Fever

If you don't stay up-to-date on Lilly Pulitzer's "A Colorful Blog" you're missing out! I love knowing what they have going on at the Pink Palace, and their most recent blog post is about a few of my favorite prints from the Spring line! So head on over the A Colorful Blog and see what pretty and fun prints Lilly Pulitzer has available for this spring!

Happy Reading!

xx, Emily Ann

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Recent Lilly Purchases

Budget or not, if I spot a Lilly item that I've had on my wish list for a while on sale, I can't help but find a way to make it mine! Recently, I've been on a slight spending spree and in the last two weeks I've purchased THREE Lilly Pulitzer dresses that I've had my eye on for a while!

My first purchase was the Pipster Sweater Dress in Azalea Pink Frilly Ferns. I decided I needed this dress when I saw a friend wearing it with brown riding boots- such a cute look! I found this dress at Village Palm, a Lilly Pulitzer Via store, at 50% off! Living in Missouri, our weather can be a bit bi-polar! Spring may be arriving in some places, and we have our warm days here, but we are far from having the cold days behind us here! So I plan on wearing this dress with tights and boots and maybe even with some wedges for a while until the weather gets too warm to wear it. I also think this would be cute with my Sullivan belt- one dress, so many ways to wear it!When I received my dress from Village Palm, they included a coupon for 15% off my next purchase. The bargain hunter in my couldn't let that go to waste, so I called up the ladies to see if they had the Somerset dress in Just Love- and they did! I've loved the look of the Somerset since Lilly Pulitzer released the first round of items for Spring. It's very similar to the Cassie dress, with the frilly details on the sleeves to add just a little something extra. I've seen this dress worn in several ways, all of which I mean to try myself! Of course it will be adorable when the weather gets warm with my Jack Rogers sandals for the day, or some ruffled wedges for an evening out. To wear it now, I've seen it paired with navy leggings, boots, and the Sullivan belt. I can't wait to try that look out myself! I also think this would be fun with the Sullivan belt and my cowboy boots- can you say fun?? I think this dress will prove to be very versatile and fun for several seasons.
My final purchase is a dress I have been wanting for months now! Ever since Lilly Pulitzer released the Helena Sweater Dress, it has been on my wish list. The versatile navy color, the ruffles on the sleeves and the hem- this dress screamed "Emily" to me! When Lilly Pulitzer posted this photo on their facebook page showing the versatility of this dress, I absolutely knew it had to be mine! I couldn't afford to pay full price, but in the last few weeks several Lilly Pulitzer Via stores have been marking it down, and a few women on websites I belong to have started to list this dress now that it is past season for them to wear it and they find that it sat in their closet all winter! So I was lucky enough to snag this dress at a little over 50% off and I'm thrilled! Once I get it, I can't wait to find a way to wear it a few times before it gets to warm to wear it, but I know it will be a staple in my closet next fall and winter when I'm (hopefully) teaching full time!Have any of y'all found any great buys lately? I love sharing when I save and hearing about how others have snagged something they love at a great price!

xx, Emily Ann

Thursday, March 1, 2012

A Very Colorful Happy Hour

One of the most frustrating parts of working retail is the hours. Working weekends, evenings, holidays, and only having time off in the middle of the week can really start to take it's toll. The fact I haven't had a weekend off work since before Thanksgiving is tough, especially when the majority of my friends are working regular jobs that are five days a week, 8-5 pm, while my schedule is all over the place. Because my work schedule really takes a toll on my social life, I was unbelievably excited to be off work by 4:30 Wednesday afternoon. Just enough time to run home to freshen up and change out of all the black (yuck, my work dress code really dampens my style) and meet a few friends at a local Mexican restaurant for happy hour and half price appetizers!

I love the quote by Oscar Wilde, "You can never be overdressed or overeducated." As a (hopefully) soon to be teacher, I couldn't agree more that you can never be overeducated. Education is a lifelong pursuit, everyday should be a new opportunity to learn something. But what I really love about the quote is that you can never be overdressed. I fully believe in looking and feeling your best, whatever the occasion. I never feel better than when I'm decked out in a fun and colorful Lilly dress, skirt, shirt, or murfee scarf! So of course I decided that the rare happy hour was the perfect chance to wear a Lilly dress I've been dying to wear every time I open my closet door. I had originally purchased the dress hoping to wear it for a holiday party, but again my crazy work schedule prevented me from attending any Christmas or New Year's Eve parties. So then the dress was meant for Mardi Gras festivities. And again, work prevented me from going on my trip to visit college friends and wear my colorful dress. So I may have been overdressed for a casual Mexican restaurant for drinks with friends, but I decided that there was no better occasion for my Lilly Pulitzer Booty Caw Shauna dress than Wednesday night.

Lilly is perfect for any occasion, especially when you feel as fun and festive as I did wearing my Lilly dress last night! I bought my Shauna in Booty Caw from a fellow Lilly-Lover who ended up with two dresses in the same print and didn't need them both. I was so grateful to her for passing along the great deal, so I could own a dress I love in a print that's to die for!

Always remember that you can never be overdressed- as long as you love how you look, you can dress however you want no matter the occasion!

xx, Emily Ann

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sunday Success

You may remember that I set weight loss goals for myself. It's more than losing weight, it's about being healthy and making myself happy with my body again. Dieting can be frustrating. You feel like you're counting every calorie, monitoring what you eat, working out, not giving in to every craving and yet the scale doesn't seem to be moving down as quickly as you would like. So far, I've been using My Fitness Pal on my iphone to count calories and monitor my food, as well as exercising, for about 3 weeks. So far, I'm only down about 4 pounds. Very small victory, and I hadn't been noticing any difference in my clothing, appearance, etc. Until today! I wore a dress to church this morning that I haven't worn since December. I was rewarded when I realized that the dress was fitting a little looser and laying better than it had the last time I wore it. It may be a baby step, but it's a step! I'm definitely feeling better today now that I've noticed a small change in my body! Success is a wonderful feeling!I hope y'all are having a wonderful Sunday and enjoyed your weekend!

xx, Emily Ann

Friday, February 24, 2012

Sealed With A Kiss

I finally had the chance to wear one of my "holy grail" items tonight! While my mama is out of town for the weekend, my dad and I had a date night. He took me out to the country club for drinks, dinner, and dessert. I felt like quite the lucky lady. I can only hope that my future husband treats me like a princess the way my daddy does!

I'm so in love with my Jonah in Sealed With A Kiss! I'm so beyond grateful to BGT for selling me my holy grail, all for the love of Lilly! This is what the brand is truly about- fun, loving ladies who share a love of color and fun who just want to share their happiness with the Lilly community!

It's been a great week, I hope y'all are feeling as blessed as I am!

xx, Emily Ann

Monday, February 20, 2012

Swell Caroline

I have been on the lookout for an monogram necklace for ages, and I think I've finally found the place to order one! Swell Caroline carries the Moon & Lola Monogram line, and oh my goodness are they adorable!My favorite is the gold Cutout Monogram Necklace. The price is a bit more, but with such a timeless piece, how can you go wrong?? I think the acrylic ones are also adorable, and something I'm adding to my list. But my first Swell Caroline purchase is definitely going to be a cutout monogram necklace! I'm especially excited that Swell Caroline has launched their "Swell Bucks" rewards program. You receive $5 in Swell Bucks just for signing up, and you can earn more by referring friends! There are several ways to earn your Swell Bucks, so y'all should head on over and sign up for the site! They also carry Fornash jewelry, the same line that is promoted by several Lilly Pulitzer Via stores!

Swell Caroline Rewards Sign Up- use this link to sign up and help me buy my monogram necklace while earning Swell Bucks of your own! Happy Shopping, y'all!

xx, Emily Ann

Happy Valentine's Day!

I know this is a bit belated, but with everything I've had going on at work and home I haven't had a chance to post about a glorious little holiday- Valentine's Day! Being a single gal, you'd probably assume that I am as pessimistic and "down" with the holiday as most singles and pessimists are. While it is a "commercialized" holiday, I can't help but love a day dedicated to pink, red, candy, flowers, and showing the important people in your life how much you love them! My Valentines were my parents- chocolate from my mama and roses from my daddy! I truly feel blessed to have such loving parents in my life who shower me with love and affection.

Working at Victoria's Secret, Valentine's Day is definitely an event for us. Starting the Thursday before the holiday through the 14th, I was working like a mad woman helping men and women pick out the perfect gifts for their loved ones. While I was working my life away, I was very happy to break up the monotony of my all black wardrobe by throwing pink into the mix!

My Valentine's Day outfit consisted of my pink cotton Elsa from a Rue La La sale a few months ago (I LOVE the Elsa top- I received several compliments throughout the day and it was perfectly comfortable for a day of work), and Betsey Johnson heart shaped earrings. I felt fun and festive all day!

Another reason for my absence had to do with my ongoing job search. As I'm gathering all my transcripts, polishing my resume, and collecting recommendation letters to apply for several teaching jobs I'm interested in, I've also had other opportunities come up. With a few changes we've had at my store, a management position became available. I interviewed for the position with my new store manager. I'm glad I chose to interview- it was good experience and I think it was a wise choice for putting me in good favor with a new store manager, giving her a better idea of who I am and what kind of employee I am. I have since learned I didn't get the position, it was offered to another girl in our store who has held the position at another Victoria's Secret and thus she had the upper-hand in terms of experience. However, my interview did come with a few positives. My manager was very impressed with my interview- so much so that she is going to promise me an increase in hours equivalent to what I would have received with the promotion, as well as a pay increase! I'm so beyond grateful that she is willing to help me out in this way because of how well I did in my interview. It's going to make moving into my own place in May much easier to manage financially!
For my interview, I wore slim cropped pants from Gap, a white and black polka dot ruffled blouse from J. Crew, black J. Crew blazer, BCBG black pumps, and (of course) my pearls. I felt confident and professional in my interview attire! Definitely a great warm-up for the interviews I'll (hopefully) have soon for teaching positions!

xx, Emily Ann

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Lucky Finds

Living on a budget is tough, especially when you have such expensive tastes! Lilly Pulitzer is a fabulous brand, but boy are the prices high! I blogged previously about a few dresses I had on my wish list, including the Keetan in Hotty Pink First Impression, the Harlow in X Marks the Spot, and the Jonah in Sealed With a Kiss. By some miracle, a little luck, and the help of some fabulous fellow Lilly-lovers I can now say I own each of these "holy grail" dresses! I can't quite fit in the Keetan yet, so my diet continues and it will hopefully make it's debut Easter weekend. (fingers crossed!) I have received the Harlow, and oh what a dress it is!

I wore my Harlow in X Marks the Spot to church this morning. I paired it with my Sullivan belt to help give my waist a little more definition. I love how comfy and fun it is! I received more than a few compliments on my outfit at church. Not to mention, I found it for a steal of only $31 on Smart Bargains! Can't beat that!

Thanks to a wonderful Ms. B, I should receive my Jonah in Sealed With a Kiss early next week. She sold me hers for a great price once she found out how badly I've been wanting the dress. Talk about "living a Lilly life." I adore my Lilly-loving community! I am feeling especially blessed this Sunday afternoon!

xx, Emily Ann

PS- y'all are beautiful!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Oh Happy Day

Yesterday was an all around fabulous day! I received some Lilly-filled packages in the mail- including one item I have been eagerly anticipating!
My Babs wrap in Hotty Pink First Impression!! I finally own this print in the wrap AND the Keetan!

I'm so glad to have found my Lilly-loving communities where I can buy, sell, and swap Lilly at a price I can afford- especially such an adorable item like the Babs wrap! To have it come in the mail yesterday was just perfect. I immediately planned my outfit around the Babs so I could wear it yesterday. I strongly believe in "dress for success." Whenever I have a test or stressful thing coming up, I believe I do better and handle the situation better when I'm dressed up and feel good about how I look. So yesterday I was taking my last two undergrad exams EVER! I'm technically finished and waiting for them to mail me my degree, but I had two online classes that were being complicated and I just had to tie up a few loose ends until they were "officially" done. So now, I'm officially 100% finished! My parents even took me out to dinner to celebrate- yum! It's a weight off my shoulders, even though it really hasn't sunk in completely that I have no more assignments to turn in or exams to study for. I can have a life now!

All that's left is applying for teaching jobs. Talk about trading one stressful thing for another! Praying I find a job soon- I'm ready to be working full time in a job that I LOVE!

xx, Emily Ann

Friday, February 3, 2012

Fitting Into My Lilly

I've been fighting the weight loss battle for years. It's been up and down and back up again as I try diets, exercise, etc. I was an athlete in junior high and high school, but then once my sports season was over or I decided to move on to the more "intellectual" end of things by joining the yearbook and newspaper, I wasn't getting the regular activity anymore. Once I moved on to college, my weight dropped like crazy (I know, I didn't put on the Freshman 15, or as we call it the Mizzou 22) because of how homesick I was. I dropped from my usual size 8 to a size 4 as a existed on goldfish crackers and diet coke. I don't recommend this diet. While I didn't see any issues in my diet, and I was happy with me "new body" the weight just came back on with a vengeance my sophomore year when I moved into the sorority house and had regular meals again.

The summer I turned 21, I dropped a few pounds and was back to my "normal" weight- right around a size 8 again. However, from my Junior year to know my weight just keeps climbing. It's been gradual to the point that I don't notice until I try to fit in clothes which fit the previous season. So now, I'm wearing a size 12 which is rather large for my petite frame. (I'm under 5'2") I knew I'd put on some weight, but the realization of just how much didn't hit until earlier this week.

I finally purchased my coveted Keetan Dress in Hotty Pink First Impression at a price I could justify. I bought it in a size 8 from a fellow Lilly-lover, the same size I tried on in a Via store in July that fit just fine. When it came in the mail and I tried it on, I found it to be VERY snug in the hips and I couldn't zip it up all the way. BIG PROBLEM! I had been hoping to wear this dress for Easter Sunday, but now I'm worried I can't drop the weight fast enough! This realization has me feeling more motivated to lose weight than I have been in a very long time- sometimes it takes a kick in the booty to get on the right track!

I've started using an iPhone app called "My Fitness Pal." I had a friend who used it in college, and several of the girls on Shifting Lilly have recommended it. So now, I'm doing my best to stick to a 1,200 calorie a day diet. Eating less fatty foods, more fruits and veggies, and more eating at home and less take-out. Working out has been very hard for me to be consistent with, but I've made the effort to work out the last two days! I have used my Zumba Fitness for the Wii to have fun while I work out, and I've done some minor weight lifting with push-ups, sit ups, etc. I know it won't be easy, but in order to be a better, healthier me- and fit into my Lilly- it's time to get serious about taking off the pounds!

Hopefully blogging about my efforts, as well as the support from my lovely Lilly-loving friends, will help me to be successful!

xx, Emily Ann

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Blogaversary Giveaway

For real, y'all, now you have to check out Keep It Classy, Alabama! She's hosting a giveaway with Lilly Pulitzer items from my favorite shop, PurseladyToo!! So head on over and check out Lindsey Leigh's blog and enter to win some adorable Lilly Pulitzer koozies!

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Keep It Classy, Alabama!

If you haven't checked out this blog, you should! Lindsey Leigh is an adorable Southern belle with a lot to say! Not only is she a fellow Lilly-lover, but a super sweet girl to boot! She's currently having a week of giveaways to celebrate her 1 year "Blogaversary" so help her to celebrate and check out her blog!! I'm finding all sorts of cute new places to shop with her giveaways, too!

Also, check out Preppy Paper Designs for some ADORABLE stationary!

xx, Emily Ann

Monday, January 30, 2012

Smart Bargains

I know I said I was on a "spending hiatus" as I save up for my big move in May, but when a crazy good deal comes your way it would just be WRONG to let it pass you by, right? So when a friend told me that had an extra 55% off already marked down items, including a Lilly dress I've had my eye on for a while, I couldn't resist! I bought the Harlow dress in the Multicolor Map print- I've heard this called "X Marks the Spot" as well, I believe it's from a previous resort line? If anyone has the answer for me I'd appreciate it!
This isn't necessarily an item that would typically catch my attention, but I've seen this print up close and it's adorable! Not to mention it's another one of those prints I see as a "must have" for a social studies teacher! (I got this dress for $31 originally $238- can you say a STEAL?!)

The other dress I see as absolutely necessary as an English teacher is the Jonah (or any other dress in this print) in Sealed With a Kiss. With stationary, etc. all over it I find it to be adorable! If anyone knows where I can find this dress for a great price please let me know! It's been on my wish list for ages now!

xx, Emily Ann

Sunday, January 29, 2012

OOTD Sunday 1/29

I actually had a Sunday off work, it's a miracle! Working retail can be tough- my days off are in the middle of the week while everyone else is at work. During the weekend when everyone else is off work, I'm working 8 or 9 hour shifts. So the fact I had a Sunday work-free was amazing! Sunday mornings are dedicated to church with my family, and usually I go straight from church, to lunch, to work and my work dress code requires all black (blah). So of course I took the opportunity to put together a colorful outfit!

I wore my Stephanie Shift (a Lilly Pulitzer New Year Cheer Sale purchase!) in Dress Rehearsal with a navy cardigan from Charlotte Russe (bargain buy) black sparkle tights from J. Crew, and black Nine West riding boots from Macy's.

I spent the rest of my day being as productive as possible- it's not often I get a free Sunday! I accomplished 6 loads of laundry, reorganized my closet, put together 4 large bags of clothes I don't wear anymore to donate to Goodwill this week, turned in my last online assignment, and baked chocolate chip cookies. I love feeling so productive!

Hope y'all had a fabulous Sunday afternoon!

xx, Emily Ann

Lilly Pulitzer Spring 2012

I'm sure my fellow Lilly-lovers are already aware of this, but I can't contain my excitement over the release of Lilly's new Spring line that launched online Saturday! I had to work all day, but as soon as I could get home and to my computer I had the Lilly Pulitzer site pulled up so I could go through and "heart" my favorites! I couldn't possibly share every item from the line I love, because let's be honest, I love it all, but I want to share a few that are on my Must Have list!

First is the Lottie Dress in Cherry Mine Engineered. I love the colors and the silhouette, I could definitely picture wearing this for an evening out with friends or a day at the winery!

Second has to be the Somerset Dress in both True Navy and Hotty Pink. I honestly can't decide which color I like better in this dress, because I could see both of them fitting perfectly into my wardrobe. Dress it up with the LP leopard wedges I ordered from Leapin' Lizards and a cute belt or pair it with a pair of Jack Rogers Navajo sandals for a day around town. At such a great price, I may need to buy both anyway, it can be for any occasion!

The third item I'm loving is the Mariana Dress in both Bright Navy Yum Yum and State of Mind Patch. (State of Mind is by far my favorite print from this new line, I want it in everything they made it in!) I love the lace details and classic silhouette. I love a classic shift, the shape seems to really suit my body type, and this seems a variation of the Adelson Shift to me.

The last and most coveted item for me this Spring is the Ricci Shift in Multi Lillys State of Mind Patch. From the super adorable print that has a patch for each state (I love how Missouri's has the St. Louis arch!), the super cute bow on the shoulder, the cut-out neckline, and the fact the Ricci tends to run slightly shorter (great for a gal like me who is under 5' 2") there is nothing I'm not loving about this dress! And in case you didn't know, my degree is in Middle School Language Arts and SOCIAL STUDIES. I have to admit, this print just screams Social Studies teacher to me! There has been a lot of buzz over this dress in the Lilly Lovers community, anxiously anticipating the print's release, and in case you haven't had a good look go here to see it a little better!

Needless to say, Lilly Pulitzer has done it again!

xx, Emily Ann

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Elsa Out On the Town

Working retail leaves me without weekends to do with as I please. Since I haven't had a weekend off since before Thanksgiving and the end of football season, a few of my college girlfriends decided to make the trip down to Cape Girardeau to visit for an evening. These gals are some of the best friends I could ever hope for, and thinking of the fact they drove 3 hours to spend one evening with me gets me a little choked up. If there was one thing I have taken away from college, it's that true friends are there for you no matter what the obstacles. The three of us had a fabulous night out on the town together, and I am so glad I finally got to have some fun in one of my absolutely favorite Lilly pieces!

I made a point to document my outfit. I adore the Elsa top! This is my Snorkel Blue Greens With Envy I purchased on ebay for a steal! I love the colors, and the cut is flowy, flattering, and comfortable all wrapped into one fabulous top. I received so many compliments on my outfit- I paired my Elsa with a pair of dark wash jeggings and BCBG camel colored cowboy boots that have been a closet staple for me. I felt cute all night, and I think that's what Lilly is really all about- how fabulous and pretty you feel when you're wearing it!

Horny Flamingo shots- very yummy and a pink drink I think Lilly would approve of!

Love, love, LOVE these gals!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Rocking My Lilly

I was going to do a New Year Cheer Sale post, but I don't have photos in all of my Lilly purchases. So I decided instead that I'd do a post with pictures of me wearing my Lilly! Every one of my Lilly pieces was purchased on sale- either at a Via store, from Re-Lilly/Shifting Lilly, or at the New Year Cheer online sale! I have a few other pieces that won't be posted because I haven't had a chance to be photographed in them yet, but you can be sure I'll blog about them when I get the chance!
Photos with the roommate-to-be, I'm wearing my cotton Elsa on a night out with friends- didn't get a great shot of the top, but I received so many compliments that night and completely fell in love with the Elsa! I got this one for only $30 at during one of their Lilly Pulitzer events!
Snapped a picture in the fitting rooms at work. My Rivia Flounce top in Azalea Pink- I love when we're allowed to add pink into our wardrobe at work for special holidays! Purchased this at for only $35
Trying out a new way to tie my Hotty Pink First Impression murfee- my absolute favorite print! Bought this one off a lovely fellow Lilly-lover who knew it was a "holy grail" item for me.
Murfee in Nice to See You for running errands on my day off work. Another purchase from a fellow Lilly-lover, I had to get the murfee to match my iPhone case!
Getting ready for a night out in my Shauna in Big Bang- I LOVE this dress! Bought it at the Lilly Pulitzer New Year Cheer Sale.
Wearing my Shauna in Big Bang for drinks with the girls- another photo with my roommate to be!
Modeling my Stephanie Shift in Dress Rehearsal while deciding what to wear out one night (A New Year Cheer sale purchase!)
Wearing my Wayles in Hotty Pink Ring My Chimes for Thanksgiving! (I tweeted this picture and got a response from Lilly Pulitzer! The highlight of my holiday!) I bought this for only $100 at The Pink Magnolia, a Lilly Pulitzer Via Store. It was my first Lilly purchase!
Even the background on my iPhone is my favorite Lilly print! I can't get enough of Hotty Pink First Impression!

Thanks for all the kind words and support, y'all are indeed the best!!

xx Emily Ann

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Spending Hiatus

I'm currently 23 years old, recently graduated from college, and living with my parents. It's tough to be done with school and not find a "real" job right away. Don't get me wrong, I love my retail management job, but I don't make near enough for all the time I put in and how many hours I work. Living with my parents these last few months has left me with nothing but work, time, and no financial responsibilities. It's been wonderful to be bill-free and able to spend my money on whatever I wanted. Especially because I've been a shopaholic since I was able to pick out my own clothes. My mother, bless her heart, is a wonderful woman who only ever wanted to make me happy. However, I have no impulse control and I think that can at least PARTLY be attributed to the many shopping trips she and I have taken since I was a little girl where I have rarely ever heard "no."

Now, as I said I've had little to no responsibilities towards which my hard-earned money had to go. And have I spent this time saving up my money? Of course not! Now I find myself a few months away from moving into my first apartment that I will be paying for completely on my own. Yes, I will have a roommate who will be sharing the bills, but I will be paying my half of the rent, utilities, groceries, etc. Along those same lines, I will be taking my phone bill, car insurance, etc. away from my parents so the burden will all be on me. I have been beyond blessed with parents who not only have the means, but the desire to support me as I have gone through school. I have always held a job, but the money I earned was meant for "play" or extra expenses that weren't necessary, but more a choice on my part. I know my parents would continue to pay my way until I have a "real" job as a teacher, but I am feeling as though it is past time for me to be fully responsible for myself.

I have a few months, it will be April or May before my roomie-to-be and I can move into our new place, but I've come to the realization that I need to start saving and putting money aside for the big move now. I have some credit card debt to pay off, and from putting together a budget I've become aware of just how tight it's going to be for me with all my bills, rent, and other responsibilities. This being said, I need to be on spending hiatus so as much of my money as possible can go towards paying of my credit card and setting money aside in preparation for my move in a few months. This is going to be incredibly hard. I love spending, especially on Lilly Pulitzer. I'm going to need help!

My hope is that through this blog and my Lilly-loving friends, I can live vicariously through y'alls purchases and moral support. I want and need to be independent, and I want to be successful at it. My parents have made it clear- once I move out, I'm on my own. I don't want to have to come back home because I "couldn't make it." I know there are plenty of others who live on a tight budget on less money than I make, so I know I can do this! Help me stay on track, y'all!

xx Emily Ann

Lilly & Football

I've done a lot of talk about finding dresses for football season, but I finally bit the bullet and purchased one the other day at I bought the Lela Lace Shift in Starfruit Yellow. I'd heard that the lace causes the dress to fit a little more snug than usual, so I sized up to a 12 when I would usually wear an 8 or a 10. I tried it on first thing this morning when it arrived. And while it is slightly snug in areas, I think I would have been OK to wear my usual size 10, especially because I'm attempting to lose weight in the next few months. Hopefully, if
the weight loss goes as planned, I can just have the dress taken in a bit. There are darts in it already, but I have a friend who designs and alters dresses all the time, so hopefully it won't be a problem for her!

I took a few photos, but being home alone and issues with lightin
g, the photos really don't do the shade of yellow justice. I'm really loving the dress, I'd go so far as to say I want it in the pink color it comes in, too! The lace is so much prettier in person, and you can really tell it's well-made. I like the length of the dress, too. I plan on wearing it with my cowboy boots this fall, so I put my boots on for the "photoshoot." If the weather turns cool, as it usually does at some point during football season in Missouri, I'll put on a black cardigan (black & gold, duh!) but I opted not to put one on for the photos. I will say though, after looking over these photos, I realize I'm going to need to put some arm routines into my workouts to tone up my arms before it's too warm for cardigans with every outfit!!
I hope it's just the angle of the camera and not the case all the time, because I really think this dress is flattering for my curvy figure, but I don't know that it really shows that in these photos. Once football season comes back and I get to tailgate in my beautiful Lilly, you can be sure I'll post plenty of photos!! Thoughts?

xx Emily Ann

Monday, January 23, 2012

Stalking the UPS Man

I knew I had a few packages that would show up on my doorstep sometime today from the extensive buying I did on ebay last week. So of course, every time I heard a truck or vehicle outside I ran to the window like a little kid in anticipation of it being the UPS truck with my Lilly goodies! So when I finally saw him pull up, I ran to the door to meet him with my not-so-long anticipated mail. Wasn't I surprised when it wasn't two, but THREE Lilly-filled packages!

First, my lovely new Lilly Pulitzer txt message wallet and matching tote. I can't wait to get back into teaching and carry this around with all the papers to grade and books. The wallet is being filled as soon as this post is finished and going straight into my purse. Right beside the matching pencil case that is currently holding all my lipsticks and lipglosses.

Maybe it's a little sad, but the third package could have been a number of things, so it really felt like a surprise to open it. Guess this is why my roommate-to-be calls me a Lillyaholic, I've ordered so much I don't know for sure what's in a package when it shows up at my door! But I was very excited to see that it was my new silk Elsa in Snorkel Blue Pintucks that I won on ebay last week. It is GORGEOUS. If it's even possible, I love it more th
an my pink cotton elsa. I love how it fits, and I feel so pretty in it. I'll definitely be wearing it out for a night on the town this Friday when some of my best friends from college come to visit! I'm thinking it will go great with my dark washed jeggings, and to spice things up a bit, I'm wanting to wear it with my gold glitter pumps. Too fun, r
ight?! Lilly Pulitzer, girlfriends, cocktails, and glitter. I'd say it's the perfect combination!

Don't worry, I'll be sure and post pictures of my Friday night outfit and share all the fun I have in my Lilly. :)

xx Emily Ann

Saturday, January 21, 2012


As much as I love my Lilly clothing, I just can't get enough of all the Lilly stationary and accessories, either! Between the notecards, pens, pencils, phone cases, tumblers, coffee mugs, etc. I'm surprised I use anything that isn't Lilly-fied! My absolute favorite place to find all things Lilly is PurseladyToo she always has great prices, free shipping when you spend over $30, and has the BEST customer service! She ships quickly and efficiently, and typically adds a little note or goodie in addition to your purchase. I love supporting any kind of local/small business so I go through her for all my Lilly stationary needs! Lifeguard Press already has several items from the spring collection released- such as the Cherry Begonias cooler I'm dying for and blogged about a few days ago- but I'm opting to wait until PurseladyToo gets them in stock. I'm regretting the decision to not pre-order through her, but you live and learn!

There are several items from the Spring 2012 collection I can't wait to get my hands on. Top of the list is, obviously, the Cherry Begonias cooler I listed, but oh how long my list is besides that! I already have the iPhone cover in Nice to See You (thanks to my secret santa!) as well as the Business or Pleasure cosmetic duo and the Murfee scarf. (I obviously really like this print) So of course when I saw the acrylic pitcher, tumblers, and wine glasses I knew I had to add them to my collection! I'm moving into a new apartment in a few months, so I've started the search for Lilly items now. My kitchen will be very happy to receive all the Lilly "entertaining" pieces!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Hotty Pink First Impression

This is my all time favorite Lilly print. I've been back and forth for a very long time over what to get in it. I have the murfee in this print and I feel like I wear it at least once a week. I don't think I could live with myself if I let this print pass me by in a dress. I think I'm going to get it in the Keetan. I've tried the Keetan on before, in this print, and wasn't crazy about it. However, I have seen it belted and I liked it a LOT better with the Sullivan belt than when it was by itself. Honestly, at this point I think I would take ANY dress in this print. How could you not love it? It's the background on my computer, the skin I put on my Nook, and I'm getting ready to order it for my Macbook and for my iPhone. I think it's safe to say I'm obsessed with this print!


Tailgating in Style

As a college sorority girl, everyone dressed cute for tailgating and football games. While I was a student, the look was cowboy boots, denim mini skirts, and football jerseys. I had fun rocking this look to many a tailgate, but now my alma mater has joined the ranks of the SEC! So of course this Lilly girl is super excited because that is going to mean sundresses and Lilly for football! While I know football season is still at least 9 months away, I have started my search for the perfect dresses because my school's colors won't be easy to find. Mizzou black and gold are fun, but not really a common scheme in Lilly's color palette. Lucky for me, I have some lovely ladies over at Shifting Lilly who are on the hunt for me to find the perfect Lilly for football season. During a conversation with a fewof them last night, I shared a dress I had found and they talked me into pulling the trigger and ordering my first Lilly football dress! I ordered the Lela shift in Starfruit yellow, and I plan on wearing it with a black cardigan and cowboy boots! I think it will be adorable and I can't wait for football season!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Lilly Cooler

I know this fall, Lilly Pulitzer had a GWP of tailgate totes. Unfortunately for me, I was never able to purchase enough to get the GWP and any time I saw one of the tailgate totes or coolers pop up online they just weren't a price I could justify. Now, with the Lifeguard Press spring Lilly collection coming out, I think I'll have to have the Cherry Begonias cooler! A group of friends and I started to get season tickets for Mizzou football this past season and we're making it a tradition. As alumni, we think it's an important to start these traditions right away and hopefully continue them as we get older, and bring our children to these events and maintain our friendships. I adore these ladies, as well as their significant others, and they all tolerate my love of Lily and enjoy all the colorful goodies I bring to tailgates. So at $32 I must have the cooler, in one of my favorite Lilly prints, to carry my adult beverages in for every tailgate!

Original Txt Message Hotty Pink

When I first saw the Txt message print, I thought it was cute but not something I would carry. While I'm currently on the hunt for a job and thus not teaching, my degree is in English education. So as an English teacher, it wouldn't be right for me to carry around a bag or anything with "text speak" all over it! That would go against all I stand for as an educator of the English language! But the more I saw it, the more I liked it. It can be ironic, right? The English teacher carrying around a tote with text message words written all over it, in my favorite shade of pink- cute, right? So I found the pencil case on sale at Fashion Fix and snatched it up. (Thanks to the lovely ladies at Shifting Lilly for finding it for me!) I LOVE it! I'm currently using it in my purse to put my lipsticks, lip glosses, etc. in so they aren't constantly getting lost in the bottom of my purse anymore. It's adorable and the perfect size for my huge, oversized handbag!

So of course after having it for a few days, I went on the hunt for more items in my favorite new accessory! I found an adorable wallet, it even comes with a clutch strap! So of course I bought it and it's currently on it's way to me!

So now the question is: do I get the matching tote that is super adorable and matches my new accessories, OR do I get the ADPi tote that is a more age-appropriate way to carry around my letters? Such a hard decision to make!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Lilly Pulitzervention

As I was sitting at dinner with my dear friend and soon to be roommate, going into detail over my latest Lilly purchase and the dresses I'm currently trying to decide between ordering for football season (I know, MONTHS away, but a girl needs to be prepared, right?) when I realized she hadn't said anything for a while. She was just sitting there, staring at me. Apparently, she believes I am on the verge of needing a "Lilly Pulitzer intervention."

WHAT?! How is it even possible that a girl can be too obsessed, in love with, infatuated by all things Lilly? Too much is never enough, right? Because Lilly is a lifestyle! Am I right?

xx Emily Ann

Lilly-fied Nook

I am an avid reader. I love books. Historical fiction, romance, classic British literature, science fiction- you name it, I read it. So of course I have a Nook. I was skeptical at first, I didn't think there was any way I would prefer an electronic device to my paperbacks. My parents ended up getting me a Nook for my 22nd birthday and I loved it! As soon as I found one, I bought a Lilly Pulitzer Nook cover. It looked like a hardback book, with pink and green pattern and gold edgings. On a bit of a whim, I went to Barnes& after Christmas and saw they had marked down the new Nook Color and Nook Tablets. So I ended up purchasing a Nook color. I love it, everything I wasn't crazy about with my 1st Generation Nook was improved 10-fold with the Nook color. Unfortunately, there are no Lilly Pulitzer Nook covers for the color! I was so upset. Until I found a website that would let me order custom-made skins! was a lifesaver. I was able to order a skin for my Nook in Hotty Pink First Impression, my all time favorite Lilly print! I'm thrilled with how it turned out. I think my Nook is adorable and Lilly-fied!

Living Life as a Lilly-Lover

I feel inspired. My love of Lilly Pulitzer needs an outlet, and I think a blog is just the thing! Fingers crossed I can keep up with posting on a regular basis, but I hope to post photos of my Lilly outfits, ramblings about items I have on my wishlist, crafts I do that are Lilly inspired, and anything else in my life as a Lilly-Lover! There's no denying I'm a shopaholic, but I'm also a bargain shopper. Living on a budget is hard when you have expensive tastes, but I do what I can!

xx Emily Ann