Monday, February 20, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

I know this is a bit belated, but with everything I've had going on at work and home I haven't had a chance to post about a glorious little holiday- Valentine's Day! Being a single gal, you'd probably assume that I am as pessimistic and "down" with the holiday as most singles and pessimists are. While it is a "commercialized" holiday, I can't help but love a day dedicated to pink, red, candy, flowers, and showing the important people in your life how much you love them! My Valentines were my parents- chocolate from my mama and roses from my daddy! I truly feel blessed to have such loving parents in my life who shower me with love and affection.

Working at Victoria's Secret, Valentine's Day is definitely an event for us. Starting the Thursday before the holiday through the 14th, I was working like a mad woman helping men and women pick out the perfect gifts for their loved ones. While I was working my life away, I was very happy to break up the monotony of my all black wardrobe by throwing pink into the mix!

My Valentine's Day outfit consisted of my pink cotton Elsa from a Rue La La sale a few months ago (I LOVE the Elsa top- I received several compliments throughout the day and it was perfectly comfortable for a day of work), and Betsey Johnson heart shaped earrings. I felt fun and festive all day!

Another reason for my absence had to do with my ongoing job search. As I'm gathering all my transcripts, polishing my resume, and collecting recommendation letters to apply for several teaching jobs I'm interested in, I've also had other opportunities come up. With a few changes we've had at my store, a management position became available. I interviewed for the position with my new store manager. I'm glad I chose to interview- it was good experience and I think it was a wise choice for putting me in good favor with a new store manager, giving her a better idea of who I am and what kind of employee I am. I have since learned I didn't get the position, it was offered to another girl in our store who has held the position at another Victoria's Secret and thus she had the upper-hand in terms of experience. However, my interview did come with a few positives. My manager was very impressed with my interview- so much so that she is going to promise me an increase in hours equivalent to what I would have received with the promotion, as well as a pay increase! I'm so beyond grateful that she is willing to help me out in this way because of how well I did in my interview. It's going to make moving into my own place in May much easier to manage financially!
For my interview, I wore slim cropped pants from Gap, a white and black polka dot ruffled blouse from J. Crew, black J. Crew blazer, BCBG black pumps, and (of course) my pearls. I felt confident and professional in my interview attire! Definitely a great warm-up for the interviews I'll (hopefully) have soon for teaching positions!

xx, Emily Ann

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