Sunday, July 3, 2016

My First Mother's Day

After years of feeling like I was waiting for my life to happen, it's like God hit the "skip" button and BAM! I had everything I had been waiting for. Life came on, fast. And I couldn't be happier! My husband and I dated for a year. At that point, we decided we would get married. The next thing we know, we're pregnant and moving up our wedding and planned the whole thing in under three months.

I always knew that marrying him meant a "ready made" family, and I loved that. I couldn't be happier to have immediately become a step mommy to our beautiful girl. L was 11 when her daddy and I got married, and just three days after she turned 12 her baby brother was born.

My colorful, beautiful, happy girl and I at an 80's band concert shortly after we found out I was pregnant

My heart has been filled to the bursting in the last year. I am so incredibly happy! We didn't go about things in the traditional way, but my family is the most important thing in my life.

Mother's Day 2015, I took a pregnancy test and my (then fiance) and I found out we were pregnant. Mother's Day 2016, I was mama to two beautiful children! L & G make every single day beautiful. <3
Mother's Day 2015 
The whole weekend was a very full one! My cousin who lives in California with her family flew in to visit our grandparents, so my husband and I made sure to make it up to St. Louis for the day on Saturday so our boys could meet and we could all catch up! It was wonderful- I hadn't seen her since our wedding in August!

My cousin and I with our baby boys and our Grammy. I have found that my Lilly Pulitzer Popovers have been getting even more love since having the baby- they are my new wardrobe staple! I'm wearing my Ahoy There Popover, which is an older one, but similar fun printed popovers can be found here

We spent our first official Mother's Day with my family. We went to church, brunched, and just enjoyed our day. It was a beautiful time! And you know me, I had to wear Lilly for the occasion! I had been saving my Lilly Pulitzer Southern Charm Cathy shift for the occasion. (similar found here)

With my husband, R, my mother, and my brother at brunch. My Searulean Blue Lilly Pulitzer Amalie cardigan has paired perfectly with the Southern Charm Cathy shift! 

With my sweet baby boy, G

Afternoon snuggles while G took his nap. I love how he curls up on me to sleep, it's so hard to put him down, even though I now I should! 

My G after bath time that evening- he is such a happy boy! 

Unfortunately, I didn't get to spend actual Mother's Day weekend with our girl. She was with her mother that weekend. But because she knew she wouldn't be with me for the actual day, she celebrated with me the weekend before. She gave me the sweetest card, and the gift she made me was so very thoughtful and original, I adore it! She is such a creative, artistic girl. She didn't know about Lilly before we were a family, and the previous summer I bought her first Lilly dress for my bridal shower. She remembered that it was a big deal for me as well as for her, and she made me a painting of the print of that dress. It was the best gift she could have given me! It is hanging in the bedroom now.

For her first Lilly print, I think she did a wonderful job! The print is Electric Feel. I can't wait to see what she creates in the future! 

I don't know what I did to deserve such a beautiful family, but I am so very grateful for them every single day!

xx, Emily Ann