Thursday, January 19, 2012

Lilly Cooler

I know this fall, Lilly Pulitzer had a GWP of tailgate totes. Unfortunately for me, I was never able to purchase enough to get the GWP and any time I saw one of the tailgate totes or coolers pop up online they just weren't a price I could justify. Now, with the Lifeguard Press spring Lilly collection coming out, I think I'll have to have the Cherry Begonias cooler! A group of friends and I started to get season tickets for Mizzou football this past season and we're making it a tradition. As alumni, we think it's an important to start these traditions right away and hopefully continue them as we get older, and bring our children to these events and maintain our friendships. I adore these ladies, as well as their significant others, and they all tolerate my love of Lily and enjoy all the colorful goodies I bring to tailgates. So at $32 I must have the cooler, in one of my favorite Lilly prints, to carry my adult beverages in for every tailgate!


  1. That cooler is adorable. I have one of the GWP ones. I love it. Whenever we drive to Brussels, we always like to bring back a lot of chocolate with us (shocking, I know) and we bring the cooler with us, put ice packs in it, and fill it up with chocolate and beer!

  2. I have named your wonderful blog to The Southern Fried Bride's "I Do Declare" blog roll!