Sunday, January 29, 2012

Lilly Pulitzer Spring 2012

I'm sure my fellow Lilly-lovers are already aware of this, but I can't contain my excitement over the release of Lilly's new Spring line that launched online Saturday! I had to work all day, but as soon as I could get home and to my computer I had the Lilly Pulitzer site pulled up so I could go through and "heart" my favorites! I couldn't possibly share every item from the line I love, because let's be honest, I love it all, but I want to share a few that are on my Must Have list!

First is the Lottie Dress in Cherry Mine Engineered. I love the colors and the silhouette, I could definitely picture wearing this for an evening out with friends or a day at the winery!

Second has to be the Somerset Dress in both True Navy and Hotty Pink. I honestly can't decide which color I like better in this dress, because I could see both of them fitting perfectly into my wardrobe. Dress it up with the LP leopard wedges I ordered from Leapin' Lizards and a cute belt or pair it with a pair of Jack Rogers Navajo sandals for a day around town. At such a great price, I may need to buy both anyway, it can be for any occasion!

The third item I'm loving is the Mariana Dress in both Bright Navy Yum Yum and State of Mind Patch. (State of Mind is by far my favorite print from this new line, I want it in everything they made it in!) I love the lace details and classic silhouette. I love a classic shift, the shape seems to really suit my body type, and this seems a variation of the Adelson Shift to me.

The last and most coveted item for me this Spring is the Ricci Shift in Multi Lillys State of Mind Patch. From the super adorable print that has a patch for each state (I love how Missouri's has the St. Louis arch!), the super cute bow on the shoulder, the cut-out neckline, and the fact the Ricci tends to run slightly shorter (great for a gal like me who is under 5' 2") there is nothing I'm not loving about this dress! And in case you didn't know, my degree is in Middle School Language Arts and SOCIAL STUDIES. I have to admit, this print just screams Social Studies teacher to me! There has been a lot of buzz over this dress in the Lilly Lovers community, anxiously anticipating the print's release, and in case you haven't had a good look go here to see it a little better!

Needless to say, Lilly Pulitzer has done it again!

xx, Emily Ann

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