Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Lilly & Football

I've done a lot of talk about finding dresses for football season, but I finally bit the bullet and purchased one the other day at 6pm.com. I bought the Lela Lace Shift in Starfruit Yellow. I'd heard that the lace causes the dress to fit a little more snug than usual, so I sized up to a 12 when I would usually wear an 8 or a 10. I tried it on first thing this morning when it arrived. And while it is slightly snug in areas, I think I would have been OK to wear my usual size 10, especially because I'm attempting to lose weight in the next few months. Hopefully, if
the weight loss goes as planned, I can just have the dress taken in a bit. There are darts in it already, but I have a friend who designs and alters dresses all the time, so hopefully it won't be a problem for her!

I took a few photos, but being home alone and issues with lightin
g, the photos really don't do the shade of yellow justice. I'm really loving the dress, I'd go so far as to say I want it in the pink color it comes in, too! The lace is so much prettier in person, and you can really tell it's well-made. I like the length of the dress, too. I plan on wearing it with my cowboy boots this fall, so I put my boots on for the "photoshoot." If the weather turns cool, as it usually does at some point during football season in Missouri, I'll put on a black cardigan (black & gold, duh!) but I opted not to put one on for the photos. I will say though, after looking over these photos, I realize I'm going to need to put some arm routines into my workouts to tone up my arms before it's too warm for cardigans with every outfit!!
I hope it's just the angle of the camera and not the case all the time, because I really think this dress is flattering for my curvy figure, but I don't know that it really shows that in these photos. Once football season comes back and I get to tailgate in my beautiful Lilly, you can be sure I'll post plenty of photos!! Thoughts?

xx Emily Ann