Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Rocking My Lilly

I was going to do a New Year Cheer Sale post, but I don't have photos in all of my Lilly purchases. So I decided instead that I'd do a post with pictures of me wearing my Lilly! Every one of my Lilly pieces was purchased on sale- either at a Via store, from Re-Lilly/Shifting Lilly, or at the New Year Cheer online sale! I have a few other pieces that won't be posted because I haven't had a chance to be photographed in them yet, but you can be sure I'll blog about them when I get the chance!
Photos with the roommate-to-be, I'm wearing my cotton Elsa on a night out with friends- didn't get a great shot of the top, but I received so many compliments that night and completely fell in love with the Elsa! I got this one for only $30 at during one of their Lilly Pulitzer events!
Snapped a picture in the fitting rooms at work. My Rivia Flounce top in Azalea Pink- I love when we're allowed to add pink into our wardrobe at work for special holidays! Purchased this at for only $35
Trying out a new way to tie my Hotty Pink First Impression murfee- my absolute favorite print! Bought this one off a lovely fellow Lilly-lover who knew it was a "holy grail" item for me.
Murfee in Nice to See You for running errands on my day off work. Another purchase from a fellow Lilly-lover, I had to get the murfee to match my iPhone case!
Getting ready for a night out in my Shauna in Big Bang- I LOVE this dress! Bought it at the Lilly Pulitzer New Year Cheer Sale.
Wearing my Shauna in Big Bang for drinks with the girls- another photo with my roommate to be!
Modeling my Stephanie Shift in Dress Rehearsal while deciding what to wear out one night (A New Year Cheer sale purchase!)
Wearing my Wayles in Hotty Pink Ring My Chimes for Thanksgiving! (I tweeted this picture and got a response from Lilly Pulitzer! The highlight of my holiday!) I bought this for only $100 at The Pink Magnolia, a Lilly Pulitzer Via Store. It was my first Lilly purchase!
Even the background on my iPhone is my favorite Lilly print! I can't get enough of Hotty Pink First Impression!

Thanks for all the kind words and support, y'all are indeed the best!!

xx Emily Ann

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