Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Oh Happy Day

Yesterday was an all around fabulous day! I received some Lilly-filled packages in the mail- including one item I have been eagerly anticipating!
My Babs wrap in Hotty Pink First Impression!! I finally own this print in the wrap AND the Keetan!

I'm so glad to have found my Lilly-loving communities where I can buy, sell, and swap Lilly at a price I can afford- especially such an adorable item like the Babs wrap! To have it come in the mail yesterday was just perfect. I immediately planned my outfit around the Babs so I could wear it yesterday. I strongly believe in "dress for success." Whenever I have a test or stressful thing coming up, I believe I do better and handle the situation better when I'm dressed up and feel good about how I look. So yesterday I was taking my last two undergrad exams EVER! I'm technically finished and waiting for them to mail me my degree, but I had two online classes that were being complicated and I just had to tie up a few loose ends until they were "officially" done. So now, I'm officially 100% finished! My parents even took me out to dinner to celebrate- yum! It's a weight off my shoulders, even though it really hasn't sunk in completely that I have no more assignments to turn in or exams to study for. I can have a life now!

All that's left is applying for teaching jobs. Talk about trading one stressful thing for another! Praying I find a job soon- I'm ready to be working full time in a job that I LOVE!

xx, Emily Ann

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