Friday, January 20, 2012

Tailgating in Style

As a college sorority girl, everyone dressed cute for tailgating and football games. While I was a student, the look was cowboy boots, denim mini skirts, and football jerseys. I had fun rocking this look to many a tailgate, but now my alma mater has joined the ranks of the SEC! So of course this Lilly girl is super excited because that is going to mean sundresses and Lilly for football! While I know football season is still at least 9 months away, I have started my search for the perfect dresses because my school's colors won't be easy to find. Mizzou black and gold are fun, but not really a common scheme in Lilly's color palette. Lucky for me, I have some lovely ladies over at Shifting Lilly who are on the hunt for me to find the perfect Lilly for football season. During a conversation with a fewof them last night, I shared a dress I had found and they talked me into pulling the trigger and ordering my first Lilly football dress! I ordered the Lela shift in Starfruit yellow, and I plan on wearing it with a black cardigan and cowboy boots! I think it will be adorable and I can't wait for football season!

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