Sunday, June 16, 2013

Remember Me?

It has been an incredibly long time since I posted. Between my move last summer, my new puppy, and my new teaching job (YAY!) I was swamped over the last year! Now that it's sweet summertime, I find myself with a blissful excess of time (Oh the joys of teaching!). After going through photos of the last year, I find that my Lilly was worn in many, MANY places. Rather than rush through one giant post with my Lilly, I will be documenting the different occasions in different posts over the next several weeks. have no fear, I will do my best to also include my current Lilly-wearing events as well! I'm going to start with the "oldest" event first- picking up right where I left off!

Just a quick look at the house and my puppy- the two things that started my blog decline due to all the attention they demanded!
Home Sweet Home! I'm now a proud homeowner of this sweet little place!
She was just a tiny thing of 5 weeks old here- love at first sight! 

My Darcy girl has been a huge blessing, I adore her! 

First things first: My teaching job!

I've mentioned several times before that I wore Lilly frequently when I was subbing in the school district I hoped to eventually find a full-time teaching job in. After subbing for a teacher for almost 4 weeks, I must have impressed the right people because I was asked to interview for a 7th grade Communication Arts position that would be open in the building the next school year. I was ecstatic! So in June, I went to interview for this dream job. Of course I had to find a way to fit Lilly into my interview outfit- the District Assistant Superintendent even commented on how cute my top was! I was incredibly blessed to find such an excellent job. My first year of teach was incredibly hard, but it was rewarding and I still can't see myself doing anything else. I'm looking forward to year two in the same school!
I wore my pink Rivia top (yay Lilly!) with New York & Company pencil skirt and blazer. Don't forget, every girl needs a pair of black pumps! I knew I needed to put my own twist on the traditional suit. If I was getting hired, I would get hired for ME and it worked out when I was called and offered the position the very next day!

After accepting the job the day after my interview, my roommate and I decided we needed to go out and celebrate my new big girl job! Of course I wore Lilly

I am excited to start up my blog again. Stay tuned for my next post in the next few days- I'll be posting Easter 2012 and much more! 

xx, Emily Ann

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